Are you a Web Developer looking to learn about libraries that can bring your projects to the next level, or a prospective business owner in desperate need of tool sets that can revive your poorly aged online shop and bring it into the new decade all guns blazing? If so, then this article is written especially for you.

All of the libraries I picked are open source, hosted on GitHub and released under a license that allows you to freely modify them, use them in commercial projects, and heck, even sell them if that is of particular interest to you – or falls under the scope of your abilities for that matter.

I can already see you, proud and capable, equipped with new knowledge, ready to crush your competition or wow your special someone (read: future employer) with that gorgeous looking website. There is no stopping you, you surely will achieve great things.


Numero uno on our epic list is a jQuery library – Vide. This magnificent open source, albeit no longer actively maintained, gem of a project will allow you to breath new life into your existing and future projects in mere seconds.

Picture 1 – Vide Preview

By now, you have probably seen those fancy-shmancy websites with eye-catching Jumbotrons that have a video playing in the background. Vide is a library built for that very purpose, creating animated backgrounds with minimal amount of code as shown in the example below.


When done right, the effect can produce gorgeous and immersive experience for the user, and in this day and age, when Internet speed poses little to no issue for most people, the benefits it brings definitely outweigh the costs that come with using a video as a background. Just make sure to use an adequate compression, and you’ll be golden.

GitHub Repository

Documentation & Demo


If for some strange reason animated videos aren’t your cup of tea, than surely stunning slideshows with a tasteful overlay are more to your liking? This absolutely incredible little library will allow you to turn any DOM element into a fully functioning slideshow that you can easily further customize to your liking – as it is shown in the SinCity demo.

Picture 2 – Vegas Preview

If you need an extremely versatile solution to give your project that needed pazaz, downloading and incorporating Vegas is an absolute must. Basic implementation can be seen in the following sample.

    slides: [
        { src: "/my/epic/slide/1.jpg" },
        { src: "/my/epic/slide/2.jpg" },
        { src: "/my/epic/slide/3.jpg" }

GitHub Repository


SinCity Demo


Last by not least is a library that you will completely and totally…flip over for. You have XY minutes to claim this one of a kind promo code exclusively given to our most favorite customers and purchase XYZ product at 10% off – the clock dramatically ticks just below those very words to generate artificial tension and sense of urgency in you. Familiar scenario, eh? FlipClock is a beautifully made library that can be used for just that.

Picture 3 – Flip Clock Preview

With its versatile API, a plethora of customization options, and verbose documentation it will surely become one of your favorite and commonly used assets.

GitHub Repository

Documentation & Demo