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Sudoku Solver

  1. Solve any sudoku board.
  2. Play steps with animated steps.
  3. Next Step of the possibilities option.
  4. Moves history (redo & undo).
  5. Get all possibilities.
  6. Translation Feature (i18n)

Note that the server api is source code is not included but the a build is (ready to be published)


an ASP.NET server api (published) and ready to just to be uploaded.
read more about


note: these json values are description about the field

   "API_URL": "the api url for the server, you can leave it as default and it will worked but it might be slow because it's a demo server.",
   "stepsInterval": "for play steps option to move to the next step.",
   "Title": "The Title on the top of the page",
   "i18n": {
      "[key: string]": "the translation." 
   "TwiceWhileSolving": "when playing steps, this option when enabled (set to true) can play 2 steps on the time." 
run npm install to install the packages.

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