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3D Photo Cloud Gallery is an advanced feature-rich javascript web application with beautiful design and extreme flexibility. Photo items are distributed randomly in 3D space where they can float freely in horizontal or vertical axis. When activated, each photo is brought to center front and create an engaging experience.

Multiple Screen Supported

From desktop to mobile, the application will adapts to each screen size while maintaining elegant design and user experience.

Extensibility with ease

Easily customize and extend the application with your own code. We provide standalone building blocks as AMD modules using RequireJS.

Component Architect

Every UI elements are designed as separated components from the ground up. Components are loosely coupled widget objects that can be reused and customized in different projects.

High Performance

Powered by WebGL, all rendering graphics and animations are hardware accelerated to guarantee the best performance.

Full Features

  • Over 30 configuration options
  • Multi categories support
  • Multiple Controls: Keyboard and Mouse
  • Fullscreen support
  • Full width support
  • Multiple Screen support: mobile, tablet. desktop
  • Full fledged and advanced 2D gallery mode: auto activated on unsupported WebGL browser
  • High quality Code Commenting
  • High quality Documentation
  • 3 physic based animation options: speed, maxSpeed, friction
  • Light theme support
  • vertical and horizontal orientation
  • CSS preprocessor using SASS and Compass framework
  • Multiple SASS variables offering extreme flexibility to customize application look and feel
  • HTML preprocessor using Pug templates
  • Advanced build system with Grunt: easily create distribution and examples file with builtin tasks
  • animejs as core animation engine: multiple easing equations support, configure delay, duration, callback with ease
  • scaleToFit feature: “smart”, “always”, “none”
  • viewAngle feature: adjust gallery perspective view
  • Custom components: ItemTitle and ItemDescription
  • Multiple examples files provided

Image Credits:unsplash.comVideo

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