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This pack contains 12 unique spirograph designs and 12 different animations,
which means that you get a total of 144 combinations to choose from and use it in your websites
web applications.


  • High Scalibility – These are vector based spinners, and hence can be scaled up to a very high
    resolution without loosing clarity.
  • Light Wseight – small size files.
  • Easy Customization – change colors, line thickness and dimensions easily.
  • Smooth CSS animation – no Javascript code needed.

Easy Integration

Adding the SVG spinner is just too easy. Add an <img> tag, apply CSS animation class and
specify the path of your SVG design file.

            <img class="sa-animate-1" src="Spirograph-Spinner-Design-1.svg" />

Check out the documentation that is included with this pack for more details on how to implement and
these spinners.

Easy Customization


The below image illustrates few sizes, but you can scale it to any size.

Note: Below are the image files that tend to loose clarity when resized. The SVGs you get will retain
heigest level of clarity even when resized.


The below image shows a few color combinations as an example, but you can choose to have any color of your

Line Thickness

The below image shows a few samples, but you can customize the line thickness according to your needs.

Browser Compatibility

The SVG Spinners are compatible with all the major browsers.

Customer Support

  • Documentation on how to use and customize the SVG spinners is included with this pack.
  • You can contact me by e-mail or here on Envato.

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