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This is a weather application developed in react js. It provides current weather information along with weekly and hourly data. It uses the following APIs:
Google Maps API
Unsplash API
Openweathermap API

Detects your location on page load and retrieve weather data
Displays address and the current date of the location
Displays current weather information
Displays hourly weather data
Displays weekly weather data
Dynamic background based on user search
Google Maps API integration
Unsplash API integration
Openweathermap integration
React Context API

Pre requisites:
Extract the contents to the zip file to any location. To run the application locally you need to have nodejs installed. Next you need to signup and get API keys for Google Maps API, Unsplash API and Openweathermap API. Please follow the steps mentioned below to get these API keys

Google Maps API key:
Please follow the steps mentioned here:

Unsplash API key:
Please follow the steps mentioned here:

Openweathermap API key:
Please follow the steps mentioned here:

Once all the API keys are available, please rename .env.sample to .env and provide appropriate values for the following variables:


Once done execute:
npm install
The above command will install the dependencies required
npm start
The above command will server the application on port 3000

To deploy the application on surge follow the 3 minute guide mentioned here:

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