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Pixel Talk – A Live Chat Support Application on NodeJS

“ We as a whole are in a pandemic and it’s no uncertainty that these difficult situations have influenced every one of us. Because of these crises we have launched a Chat Script, which can be a bridge between you and your customer.
At the point when a client connects for administration, they would prefer not to be dealt with like simply one more number. Meeting the client’s contact with mechanical stock expressions, empty axioms, and unyielding answers is not a suggested practice.
However, that equivalent client likewise needs a productive, opportune, and right reaction. This contention among unbending nature and proficiency is the place the discussion around client care contents gets stickier.
Scripting your client support discussions is a training layered with debate.

Try our demo –
Admin Access
Username – [email protected]
Password – 123456

Operator Access
Username – [email protected]
Password – 123456

Please check the Online Documentation for more details of the Theme.


  • The application is fully Responsive.
  • This application provide Real-time chat support for web users.
  • Application will provide chat sorting feature.
  • Application will show a notification, when the new message receive.
  • The application will come with a feature where customers can be added project-wise.
  • Customers will be able to send messages.
  • There are two type of access –
    • Admin
    • Operator

Admin –

  • Admin has the rights to manage projects and Operators.
  • Admin can reply to the customers.
  • Admin assign the project to the Operator.
  • Admin can edit or delete Operators.
  • Admin can modify project settings like:-
  • Admin can edit the project.
  • Admin can add and remove project to favourite.
  • Admin will be able to delete the customers.
  • Admin will be able to change widget theme color.
  • Admin can change the widget position – left or right.
  • Admin change the widget type – bubble or button.
  • Admin can change the custom labels name.
  • Admin can change custom placeholder.
  • Admin can change custom error message.
  • Admin can change project status and delete projects.
  • Admin can add expiry date.

Operator –

  • The operator can see projects only which are allocated.
  • The operator can reply to customers.
  • The operator can change his profile.

For further queries please contact [email protected]

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