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Business Bundle

Bundle of 256 animated Business icons suitable for web designers and web / app developers.
A bundle of animated icons is perfect for CMS platforms (WordPress, Webflow and others).

By purchasing the Set you save $57!

You will get:
✔ 256 json animated icons
✔ 4 different business theme
✔ After Effects project for color adjustment
✔ 100% Resizable
✔ Change color and stroke width
✔ Layered design

Compatible with:
WordPress, Elementor, Divi, WebFlow, BeaverBuilder, Lottie Files, Bodymovin

Set Include:
✔01 Ecommerce Set
✔02 Marketing Set
✔03 Office Set
✔04 Discount Set

The Set is suitable for those who are interested in:
icons, business, discount, interface, web, json, svg animation, lottie animation, web development, app design, ui, motion, bodymovin, ecommerce, marketing, office.

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