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Your online tools for converting and generating text, number and many more


Website Features

  • This tool converts text in different
    cases (eg: Text Lower Case, Text Upper Case, Text
  • This tool converts numbers in different
    bases (eg: decimal, binary, hexa)
  • This tool protect your text by
    encrypting and decrypting any given text (eg: Base64
    Encode,Base64 Decode,URL
    Encode,URL Decode)
  • Text Converter Tools – Text Lower Case,
    Text Upper Case, Text Title
    Case,Invert Text Case,Text
    Text Reverse,Spaces To Tabs,Tabs To Spaces,Spaces To
    Newlines,Newlines To Spaces,Remove Letter
    Accents,Remove Extra Whitespace,Remove All Whitespace,
    Extract Emails,Extract URLs,Extract Numbers,Text To Morse,Morse To
    Text,Count Character Frequency,Count
    Word Frequency,Split Text,
    Delete Duplicate Lines,Text Replace,Remove Empty Lines
  • Number Converter Tools – Numbers To
    Words,Words To Numbers,Decimal
    To Roman,Roman To Decimal,Binary To
    Decimal,Binary To Hex,Binary To Octal
    ,Decimal To Hex,Decimal To Binary,Decimal To Octal,Hex To Binary,Hex
    To Decimal,Hex To Octal,Octal To
    Decimal,Octal To Binary,Octal To Hex
    ,Text To Binary,Binary To Text,Text To ASCII,ASCII To Text,Text To
    Octal,Octal To Text,Text To Hex,Hex
    To Text,Text To Decimal,Decimal To Text
  • Encryption Converter Tools – Base64
    Encode,Base64 Decode,URL
    Encode,URL Decode,MD2 Hash Generator,MD4
    Hash Generator,MD5 Hash Generator,SHA1 Hash Generator
    ,SHA256 Hash Generator,SHA512 Hash Generator,UTF8 Encode,UTF8 Decode
  • Demo:
  • No Backend, No APIS
  • Text utilities, Number utilities &
    Encryption utilities works right in your browser
  • 65+ Routes
  • Generate Dynamic Meta Data For Every
  • Copy to Clipboard Option
  • Download result output as a text files
  • Beautifully designed
  • Technologies: Angular 11, TypeScript
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Single Page Application
  • Well Documentation and Code Comment
  • Very Clean Code & Easily Customizable

Supported Converter

Text Tools Converter

  • Text Lower Case
  • Text Upper Case
  • Text Title Case
  • Invert Text Case
  • Text Capitalize
  • Text Reverse
  • Spaces To Tabs
  • Tabs To Spaces
  • Spaces To Newlines
  • Newlines To Spaces
  • Remove Letter Accents
  • Remove Extra Whitespace
  • Remove All Whitespace
  • Extract Emails
  • Extract URLs
  • Extract Numbers
  • Text To Morse
  • Morse To Text
  • Count Character Frequency
  • Count Word Frequency
  • Split Text
  • Delete Duplicate Lines
  • Text Replace
  • Remove Empty Lines

Number Tools Converter

  • Numbers To Words
  • Words To Numbers
  • Decimal To Roman
  • Roman To Decimal
  • Binary To Decimal
  • Binary To Hex
  • Binary To Octal
  • Decimal To Hex
  • Decimal To Binary
  • Decimal To Octal
  • Hex To Binary
  • Hex To Decimal
  • Hex To Octal
  • Octal To Decimal
  • Octal To Binary
  • Octal To Hex
  • Text To Binary
  • Binary To Text
  • Text To ASCII
  • ASCII To Text
  • Text To Octal
  • Octal To Text
  • Text To Hex
  • Hex To Text
  • Text To Decimal
  • Decimal To Text

Encryption Tools Converter

  • Base64 Encode
  • Base64 Decode
  • URL Encode
  • URL Decode
  • MD2 Hash Generator
  • MD4 Hash Generator
  • MD5 Hash Generator
  • SHA1 Hash Generator
  • SHA256 Hash Generator
  • SHA512 Hash Generator
  • UTF8 Encode
  • UTF8 Decode

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