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Bluma – High Quality Image Search Eangine , Bluma gives you freedom to access 100 Millions plus high quality images, explore and find your inspiration, search what you love.

Technical Details ( Code used ) : HTML, CSS, ReactJs, Javascript, Json ( For PWA )

Using Unsplash API to call images

Enhanced App Performance with PWA, You can give your image search engine service via website, android application, iOS application, Windows software. Very easily you can build apk, iOS app, exe file without having coding skills and publish your web and app on internet with billions of daily image lovers.

This Site : You can build apk, iOS app, exe file if website is PWA ready and yes Bluma Image search engine is PWA ready

Why should use PWA technology codes ?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) should always include the following attributes:

Specifically: loading time for the first visit should be <10s, even on a 3G network. This can be achieved by optimizing the webpage or with tools like AMP, which can help to reduce the page loading time to 3s.

Engaging :
The one helpful tool to get people’s attention is sending them Push Notifications. Push notifications are shown in the operating system’s native notification system Lancôme saw an 8% increase in conversion rates on recovered carts via Push Notifications.

Reliable :
Being reliable for an app according to Google means to load instantly and never show the down as others , even in uncertain network conditions.
Nowadays, the number of people connected to PWA technology on the Internet is 4+ billion. Then why not start your own PWA ready image search engine app.



.12 Themes ( You can add more themes )
.Adsense ( google or other all adsense supported ), Custom advertising support
.PWA Supported
.Highly Responsive
.Fast Search
.No Database Required
.Support All Devices
.Support All Hosting ( Shared, VPS, others )
.Basic coding skill required to customize
.No coding skill required to install
.Easy Documentation


Responsive Design

12 Theme ( Change user mood )

All Device Supported

Support : I am providing free installation support on item purchase, you can ask any question before buy or after purchase ask in comment for installation

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