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Cryptus introducing functional ICO system for managing your ICO token sale. Cryptus – ICO Script brings functional features that helps to Cryptocurrency Agencies / Startup to Lunching their ICO, sale their token, and get contribution from investor.

If you going to start your new business with crypto/blockchain then you might need to run ICO to sale your token/coin and raising funds or get investment and make your project/product success.

Before you see the demo:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed MetaMask on your browser, or on your mobile phone.
  2. Our contracts are deployed to Kovan test network so, please make sure you’re connecting your MetaMask with Kovan test network
  3. You can deploy your contracts on any Ethereum network, we’ve chosen Kovan just for demo.
  4. If your transaction took a bit longer to complete, don’t worry, this is not a performance issue, this is just because we’ve reduced the gas fees to the minimum so that you can test without higher cost.

How it works:

  • First you define your token name and amount.
  • After your token has been created on the blockchain, then you can start a
  • From Mint page, you have the capability to create a sale period with a desired
    amount and desired price
  • Users can buy tokens as long as the sale is opened, all the buying requests will be
    available in Admin panel, you can approve or disapprove.
  • You can cancel the sale any time, whether all tokens have been sold or not, you can deactivate sale period from home page or from admin panel.
  • Users cannot make any actions before submitting their information first.
  • You can add trusted users to your whitelist to behave as admins, currently whitelisted user can only create sales.

Need a further customization:

If you need a functionality that’s not listed above, or you have a template that you need to integrate with our functionality, feel free to contact us. We’re open to your custom needs.

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