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Important Notice

All those who have purchased the old Medora script before it was deleted will get a free license of this script, please send us your purchase code on our email [email protected] to get your license. Thanks


Medora is an NFT ( non-fungible token ) Digital Assets Marketplace web application built on Ethereum blockchain. Built with Solidity for smart contracts and Web3, IPFS and React.js. Medora provides all the essentials functionalities to build a reliable & powerful marketplace, as well as a catchy and user-friendly design which is compatible with both desktops and mobile.

Before you see the demo:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed MetaMask on your browser, or on your mobile phone.
  2. Our contracts are deployed to Rinkeby test network so, please make sure you’re connecting your MetaMask with Rinkeby test network
  3. You can deploy your contracts on any Ethereum network, we’ve chosen Kovan just for demo.

Supported blockchains:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Polygon
  • Why Medora is your best choice on CodeCanyon:

    Unlike all similar scripts that existed on CodeCanyon, we provide a different experience and unique functionalities. So, what can this script do:

    • NFT Royalties
    • Auto detecting if the user is using MetaMask
    • Auto connect the application with the user MetaMask wallet
    • Detect the connected network as well as account changing
    • Create & Sell and Buy NFts
    • Calculate the user funds.
    • Give the user the ability to collect his funds.
    • Calculate the Top Sellers as well as their selling rank.
    • Sync the marketplace user avatar with the MetaMask avatar.
    • You can track all your assets in a single page
    • Track your transactions on EtherScan
    • Filter NFTs according to their category
    • A full compatible mobile version
    • Working Contact form
    • During minting, you can preview how would your item look like on the marketplace before you send it to the blockchain.

    Our Custom Paid Features

  • User Registerations
  • Auctions
  • Author Public Gallery
  • Unlockable Content
  • Audio/Video NFTs
  • Whitelist/Blaclist
  • Marketplace Activity Stats
  • More Search Queries
  • Apply Custom Theme
  • Overall Statistics
  • Need a further customization:

    If you need a functionality that’s not listed above, or you have a template that you need to integrate with our functionality, feel free to contact us. We’re open to your custom needs.

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