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CodeFaster provides an enviroment that allows you to test, quantify and increase your typing speed inside a
programming like enviroment. It ultimately helps programmers, from Jr to Sr, to leverage their programming skills to another level, by reducing the frequency
typos and introducing you to new and old syntax.

CodeFaster was designed to be a game-like experience, where players need to test their typing skills by typing
as many lines as they can before the line, in which they currently are, vanishes from the typing window. This game
mode is called ‘survive mode’. When the match is over, it is showed to the player some statistics concerning
their performance, such as: speed (words per minute), keystrokes (total number of typed characthers), accuracty,
correct typed lines, wrongly typed lines, and record.


  • NodeJS
  • NPM (Frequently comes with NodeJS)
  • Browser
  • Text Editor
  • Internet Connection


  • Typing Engine
  • Real-word open source code
  • Support 12+ programming languages
  • Support 2 native languages
  • Display In-game Statistics
  • Keyboard heatmap
  • Reports about each line of code that user types, with time and accuracy.
  • Keyboard Heatmap
  • Displays record
  • Room to scale

What is included in the package?

  • HTML Files | .ejs
  • JavaScript Files | .js
  • CSS Files | .css
  • Images | .png

Need Further Customization

If you need a functionality that’s not listed above, or you have a template that you need to integrate with our
functionality, feel free to contact us. We’re open to your custom needs.

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