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Websocket Live stream plugin for the social network WoWonder. This plugin will allow users to broadcast their stream from any device, mobile or desktop, via webrtc technology.


  • Device media. This options allows users to broadcast from their Desktop or Mobile devices camera.
  • RTMP. The plugin gives to user server URL and server key credentials, so user can stream from any obs app. This option can be enabled/disabled from configuration file.
  • Media. Admin of website can enable or disable recording for streams. As well if in website recording is enabled then user can choose the option, to record their stream media or not.
  • FFmpeg Supporting. The default recording in webm format, you can enable mp4 format, so the plugin will convert the stream in mp4 when user end the stream via ffmpeg.
  • High Quality. Ability to enable high quality mp4 converter, this function can be enabled/disabled from configuration file.
  • Comments. Users can send live comments, replies. The host can comment only while streaming from Desktop, in mobiles this feature is disabled.
  • Emojis. Emojis is enabled for create post description in desktop.
  • Post Description/Title. Post description is required in desktop mode, but its optional for mobiles, as well the title is only optional for any source.
  • Broadcasting in profile, groups or pages. Posibility to create a post live broadcast in group, page or your own profile. If user is in group and click on Go Live, then the plugin automatically create the post in the respective group, as well with pages.
  • Privacy. Users can choose their Post Privacy option in desktop and mobiles. (Everyone [can see Anyone on the site], People i follow [Any people that you follow], Only Me, Anonymous).
  • Desktop media inputs. User is able to select any media input that is connected to his computer, for example if he have many microphones or cameras connected he can choose desired one.
  • Stream Keys. Stream Keys are obtained automatically, are generated by server each time user create new session, and are available for use for only one session. User can not use the same key for many time.
  • Timer. Host and users can see a real-time timer, the timer is started in backend as well in front-end, every new viewer when open a broadcast, he get the time from backend, and it goes on
    counting continuously. The timer is stopped automatically when host have network problems.
  • Notifications. The comments sections contains notifications for: when a user is muted,a user is blocked, a user become moderator,a user is not anymore a moderator, user is unblocked, user is unmuted, new viewer joined.
  • Mute. Viewers can be muted by host or moderators, so they can not send comments anymore in the respective broadcast.
  • Un-Mute. Muted users can be un-muted by host or moderators..
  • Block. Viewers can be blocked by host or moderators, so they can not watch or open the broadcast.
    They are notified.
  • Un-block. Viewers can be unblocked by host or moderators.
  • Moderators. Host can add moderators for respective broadcasting session, as well they can remove moderators. Moderators can: mute, un-mute, block, un-block users. Moderators receive the [moderator] badge near nickname in chat.
  • Search. Ability to search in viewers, blocked viewers, muted viewers and moderators.
  • Away. This feature is permanently enabled in mobile devices, it can be enabled in desktop as well, but by default is disabled. Away status appears when the user is on stream but its navigating on another websites, in one word when the website tab is hidden. Away dissapear immediately when user come back in website. Users can comment while user is away.
  • Network problems. If the host have network problems or is moving from mobile netowork to wi-fi or vice versa, a notification and loading icon will appear for all viewers that the host having problems and soon will be back. But on other side the host have 2 minutes to find a network in other case the broadcast will be automatically terminated by system.
  • Follow/Unfollow. Ability to follow the host or vice versa.
  • Dialogs. We use sweetalert 2, javascript plugin for dialogs, notifications and confirmations.
  • Sounds. Sounds enabled for dialogs, for countingdown, for getting in live, for clicks.
  • Auto-end. The broadcast can automatically be terminated in case of: user reload page, user disallow camera or microphone access, user click on STOP in OBS app.
  • Fullscreen. Enabled for all mobile devices. Ios is not supporting.
  • Camera Flip. Host can switch to back camera or front camera, can switch before the broadcast, as well while broadcasting. The new camera images are automatically send to viewers.
  • Wowonder Notifications. Users receive wowonder notifications in case of: a new friend started a live stream; Or if you selected to record the stream, after you end the session you will be notified when your post is ready.
  • Media source. Users can not start a live broadcasting untill the plugin not find any media source available.
  • Reactions. Host can see reactions flying in real time, as well the viewers can send multiple reactions in real-time, in database will be saved the last reaction user sent.
  • … and much more in the demo
  • Server Requirements

  • PHP >= v7.3.
  • SSL (Secured connection) to be enabled.
  • VPS server.
  • Nodejs >= v16.
  • MySQL >= v5.7.3 .
  • FFmpeg >= 4
  • STUN/TURN (your own turn server).
  • Item’s support

    You can open a ticket to our support dashboard

    Or you can join to our FORUM to try to find many details about the item.


    v1.1.22 [21.04.2022]

    1. Fixed bug (404 not found) for RTMPS broadcasts.

    v1.1.22 [21.04.2022]

    1. Fixed syntax bugs in language files.
    2. Changed the default settings for recordings, from mp4 to webm format.

    v1.1.21 [17.04.2022]

    1. Modified completely the backend engine.
    2. Fixed sever bugs.

    v1.1.9 [02.04.2022]

    1. +Added WebRTC Adapter.
    2. Fixed RTMP Player For devices that not supporting FLV.
    3. Fixed a lot of bugs reported.

    v1.1.8 [01.04.2022]

    1. Added more STUN SERVERS.
    2. Moved from relay to All options.
    4. Added blank image.

    v1.1.7 [31.03.2022]

    1. Fixed a urgent bug when user is on mobile and hit the Go Live button, it was loading for 1 minute, now it load instantly.

    v1.1.6 [25.03.2022]

    1. Fixed some bugs in Nodejs backend.
    2. Fixed some bugs in Design.
    3. Fixed some bugs for ios.

    v1.1 [19.03.2022]

    1. Added compatiblity for wondertag theme.
    2. Fixed some bugs for ios.

    v1.0 [17.03.2022]

    1. First release.

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